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Reiki Intuitive Past Lives/Animal Totems

Discover your Past lives and Animal totems.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • 101 8420 Alaska Road

Service Description

This session is longer and delves into the clients past lives and animal totems. Our past life experiences affect us in this life. I access memories that are trapped in your subconscious mind. This experience will help explain why you have a connection to certain places, your soulmate attractions, (feeling like you've known someone before) fears and beliefs that are hard to explain. Its a wonderful journey of connection, that helps to explain who you truly are. We can have attachments, abandonment and rejection issues that can be triggered by a person or situations. Sometimes these are past life traumas presenting themselves, revisiting us. We could be done with a relationship but can't seem to let them go. This can be an attachment, a cord from a past life with this person. We can come back to heal Karmic debt and sometimes it is not fulfilled. This can be very painful. A lot of our ailments are attached to past life events. Discovering your past lives, is fun and exciting and makes so much sense as to who you are in this life. Its releasing and allows for a greater wisdom of your souls infinite journey. Connection with your animal totem is powerful. Your totems have a message for you, exactly what you need to hear, and how they are guiding and protecting you through your journey. It will make sense to you, the animals that you love are more than likely your totems. Animal totems change throughout our lives, depending on where we are in life and the journey we are on in that moment. They give us divine messages on how to activate their protection and love. They show us our path, and the direction you should be going in, and the healing that needs to be done to get you there. ex: Dolphins are highly intuitive, if this is your animal totem you will love water and should always trust your intuition. Animals are angels and are here to guide us. This session also involves an intuitive body reading using the 7 Chakra points of the body. We are all energy and everyone has Chakras. Each of these Chakras holds its own story and energy. The Past, the Present and the Future are inside these 7 chakras. A story unfolds, "your story". Potential blocks in your life will become obvious, patterns of behavior that aren't serving you will show themselves. Releasing you from repetitive habits and clearing a path for your ultimate desires and goals. This session is peaceful, relaxing and validating for my clients. An additonal 40.00 for each extended 30 minutes.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours ahead of time.

Contact Details

  • 8420 Alaska Road #101, Fort St. John, BC, Canada


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