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Leather Gratitude Journals

Leather Gratitude Journals

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These Magical journals help you create the life you truly desire. Writing with Gratitude tells the universe you would like more of what you are grateful for. It gives the life force universal energy a chance to create it for you. We all deserve and desire things in our life, if we ask for more of what we want and less of what we don't want, this will happen. Thoughts become things, so does action. We have to create action to get what we desire. Writing is action, so is belief that these things are coming to you. The universe can be slower than we like, so we have to be patient. Remember not to get discouraged and to believe your desires are coming to you. Watch for the signs and follow them. It truly will happen


    These journals are made from genuine leather, in 3 brillant colors. Each page begins with a statement of I am so grateful for..... you just need to fill in the spaces of what you desire. The brilliant colors represents the chakras. Orange represents the Sacral Chakra( where your creativity sits and personal power) Blue represents the Throat Chakra(where you speak your truth, especially to yourself)Green represents the Heart Chakra where you achieve exactly what your heart desires.


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