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Intuitive Reiki School


Welcome to the Magick Mirror Reiki Intuitive School. Here is where you will learn to connect to your own Divine intuition and gifts to the Art of Reiki. Understanding your Intuition and the psychic connections in this learning process is imperative in becoming a Reiki Intuitive.

Healing yourself and others is an amazing journey for yourself and others. It takes practice, dedication and belief and especially imperative in ourselves as a Healer.

This is what sets Magick Mirror Reiki Intuitive School from others. Here, you will be guided and supported to begin the relationship with yourself to foster self-trust and confidence. Making these connections will harness your abilities in the work that you do.


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. Reiki Practitioners use a technique called palm healing or 'hands-on healing' where Universal Energy is transferred through the palms of the Practitioner to the client to encourage emotional and physical healing. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words.

~rei~ which means "Higher Wisdom and ~ki~ which means "Life Force Energy.

Reiki connects and treats the whole person. Mind | Body | Spirit. Reiki is a spiritual practice that encourages peace, harmony and well-being.

Your Reiki Practitioner Training begins here....

The Reiki Intuitive Training comprises of 4 Levels. 

Knowing and understanding our Gifts is a process that is guided through the Levels. Building confidence is key to a successful practice for yourself and your path forward. The Magick Mirror Reiki Intuitive School is designed to foster the development of your intuition and practical knowledge guided and supported by a Master Practitioner who can support you on the journey.

The School provides many hours of practicum which will support you to overcome fears and make the connections needed in Intuitive work. This fear or 'block' is real and stops many healers from doing their divine life's purpose. You will never be alone in this journey, as our Master Practitioner will guide you past these fears and through the door to be a practicing Reiki Intuitive. 

All Levels are Certified and Recognized through The Magick Mirror Intuitive Reiki School



Magick Mirror Intuitive Reiki School

Be prepared to overcome your FEARS, discover your GIFTS and establish your HEALING business.

Students of The Magick Mirror Reiki Intuitive School will receive a free monthly membership. This membership includes answers to your questions, videos, webinars and free courses. 15% off all workshops and sessions.


JOIN TODAY and access ALL Magick Mirror Reiki Intuitive School Certifications as a BUNDLE and SAVE!

The Magick Mirror Reiki Intuitive School is where you will have full confidence in your abilities as a healing modality. Start a Healing business or have this skill for your friends/family. The Magick Mirror Reiki Intuituve School provides all the training, knowledge and competencies required to build a foundational business with confidence, clarity and wisdom to connect to your client. 

Imagine guiding your client through a session with fluidity and flow, and you feel wonderful for you and your client. In the course of your training in Magick Mirror Reiki Intuitive School, you will learn to overcome insecurities and fears by working with multiple people, building on the foundations and skills. Throughout the training, we will discuss creating client attraction, websites to use and how to market to your ideal client, and what to charge for your sessions.


Certified Intuitive Reiki Level One

Certified Intuitive Reiki Level Two / Three

Certified Master Intuitive Reiki 

Bundle Offer $2,250.00 

Understanding and Using your Intuition

This is a wonderful course to open your Intuition so you can begin to fully embody and trust it. The journey to begin trusting your Intuition is a gift that is nurtured with practice and guidance. These skills developed with the right training and container support you in the power of self-belief.

Your Intuition can guide you and provide the answers that you seek in all aspects of your life.

This course helps you to understand and use your intuition in daily life and within your Reiki/Healing practice. If you have taken any Healing modalities but find yourself floundering, lost or confused about what to do next. This course can help you find the next step in beginning your practice.

In this 3 hour course, I use techniques to sharpen your intuition. To make connections through colour, visuals, signs and messages. We all receive these in our daily routine and meditation. I will show you what these messages mean and how they relate to you. I will help you uncover the intuition within you, waiting for you to discover it, trust it and nurture it.

Tools Needed:
  • Journal 

  • Angel Card Deck

  • Your Favourite Crystals

  • Bring a picture of your Favorite Place (visited or not)

  • Bring something from your Favorite Culture (past or present)

  • Write on a folded piece of paper - An Inspirational Message

In-Person or Via Zoom
Investment $175.00 / Per Person

Certified Reiki Intuitive Level One

This level combines traditional Reiki teachings while tapping into your Intuition and Clairvoyance abilities. The Understanding and Using your intuition course will give you the basis for Level One. Reiki Intuitive Level One entails learning about the chakras and the chi within the body and how this energy can heal our mind body and soul; I will teach you to understand the ancient Japanese symbols, how to use them within the chakra body, what they mean, and why they are used. Also, the meaning of the chakra colors and the stories each chakra holds within them. Each chakra holds a story that never changes. It's the same in everyone, I will teach you these stories and how they affect the entire body.


Learning about your Intuitive gift is very important at this level. You must know who you are and if you have blocks that interrupt your connection to your healing abilities. We will identify these blocks and work through them. This will increase your connection to intuition and to the Universal Energy needed to receive messages that are ,and understandable for you. It is very important to learn what Reiki is and how to use the symbols. It is equally important to understand you and your natural abilities/gifts and how to use and trust them. We delve into this at this level. You will have a solid foundation for Reiki Intuitive Level Two/Three

6 Hour Certified Course
In Person or Via Zoom
Investment $450.00 / Per Person

Certified Reiki Intuitive Level Two / Three

Level Two develops your memory of the Reiki symbols, knowledge of the chakra bodies, and their colours and meaning. The students will learn their hand positions/locations while running energy: what to feel for and how to recognize the activation in your healing hands. You will also learn which hand is your dominant healing hand and what chakra you use for healing.  


Students will learn the images and stories that reside within each chakra. You will learn how the images and colours correlate with that chakra and how to interpret the messages for your client. Each chakra does hold a story. These stories are specific for each person. The images and colours you will see are clues to the chakra story. I will teach you how to piece together what you see and feel and how it all fits together. This is the critical element of Reiki Intuitive; you will learn to piece together information like a jigsaw puzzle. The development of these skills will support you in identifying essential information about your client and how to help heal them. 


Level Two is about spiritual/universal connections. We work with the Divinity, pure Love energy. Your abilities will become powerful. You will develop your knowledge and how this feels within your body as a recognition of the truth. How to completely trust it for your life and as a Healer.

Level three is a day of practicum. Within this day you will put your knowledge forward and work on others. It is a practice without pressure. Through practice, your divine healing self will grow strong, and the universal love energy will guide you. We will discuss what you see and feel. There are no false visions or impressions, only development. At this level, we connect to how you channel, what particular visions or images mean to you, and how to understand what they mean for a client. Each image, symbol, and vision holds a meaning. Each animal and colour holds a meaning. I will guide you to understand them and to expand this information into an entire session.

12 Hour Certified Course
In Person
Investment $1,200.00 / Per Person

Certified Master Reiki Intuitive 

The Master Level is where you will have full confidence in your abilities. To either start a Healing business or have this skill for your friends/family. You will be able to run a full hour session with confidence with what you see, feel and pick up. The session will be fluid and smooth, and feel wonderful for you and your client. You will learn to overcome insecurities by working on multiple people. Practice makes perfect and this is key to getting students past their fears. We will discuss creating clients, websites to use and how to advertise, and charge for your sessions.

6 Hour Certified Course
In Person
Investment $600.00 / Per Person

Touch-up and Refocusing Workshop

This course will help anyone who has taken a Reiki course or Healing modality and has found themselves stuck after completion. This can happen if you haven't pushed past the fear and trust in your abilities. If you don’t fully understand how to receive images and messages or what they mean when you do, you will get stuck. This is a refresher and links the images together for you, developing a deeper connection and pushing you past your fears. Without faith in yourself and understanding your abilities most potential Healers will abandon their hopes of a practice. I will guide you through your fears and make the connections you need to move forward, and enter your healing journey.

3 Hour Course / Workshop
In Person / Online (pending)
Investment $300.00 / Per Person

Linda's Story

I've been a Reiki Practitioner since 2008. My practice is in Fort St john. B.C.  I am blessed to have many beautiful clients that have evolved into special friendships. I have learned so much through my clients, they have helped me fine tune my practice and develop a different style of Reiki. Reiki Intuitive is a powerful healing modality. Connecting the clients past present and future while receiving clairvoyant messages to help guide and heal them. This was developed over time and through many sessions this type of spiritual healing was discovered. Through visions, connections to the other side, and my clients past lives, a different style of Reiki healing has evolved. This style I feel compelled to teach others.

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