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Certified Reiki Level Two / Three Course

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The study of Reiki Level Two delves deeper into the the universal healing connections. Students learn to activate the Reiki power symbols on themselves and others. This level is about attunement, and opening energy channels. A more advanced knowledge of the chakras will be studied. Students will learn what story each Chakra holds, with regards to colors, images and emotions. Meditation and achieving "no mind" is essential in this level of Reiki. You will learn how to recognize the activation in your hands and body, some students can feel chills, heat or cold when their activated and ready to begin a session. This level prepares the student to confidently practice on themselves and others. What you will learn: Attunement Opening a Reiki session Using and memorizing The Reiki Symbols Deeper mediation skills To achieve no mind Connection to your bodies healing activation Understanding the story in each chakra Understanding the colors and what they represent in each chakra Activating imagery into your sessions Understanding the images you will see Closing a Reiki session

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