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Activate your Magick - Labyrinth Walk

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This course is self paced and an extension of Discovering Your Magick -Labyrinth walk, it will help you in understanding your Gifts that were uncovered during your walk. This course is a detailed description of these natural Gifts, and how they work. We will focus on the lovely, powerful Magick that was handed down to you. You will learn how to use them, how they influence your life(and others) and to trust them. It is invaluable to know this part of you, and to connect with your Gifts, they where meant to help you, to make life easier and to enlighten you. I focus on three main Magickal Gifts. Clairvoyant(understanding and knowing past, present and future events). Clairaudient(the ability to hear psychic messages) and Clairsentience(clear feeling, picking up the feelings of others, heightened sense of smell). You will learn why you received these gifts, how you have already intuitively been using them, how to fine tune them and to have absolute trust in your Magick. Everything will begin to make sense to you. Knowing your abilities and Gifts is an incredible feeling, it is freeing, joyous and builds self awareness. .

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